Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Pound of Cure: 2008 in Review

I am currently in week 10 of my weight loss journey. As of this week, I'm 17.2 pounds lighter than when I started. At weight loss church this week we were asked to finish these statements:

I'm feeling most proud of...

Just getting started! That first step's a doosie!

A great way I found to manage my emotions is...

Blog or Journal

I'm proud I handled setbacks by remembering...

persistence not perfection!

The most important thing I've learned is...

Set realistic goals, never give up, be as kind to myself as I am to others!

I'm really glad I discovered...

My own strength, my bold voice, and the value of my family, friends, and faith!

The best strategy for successfully dining out was...

Plan ahead for the points and what I'm going to eat, then box up half of it as soon as it arrives at the table as a takehome meal for the next day!

The Helpful Habit that I improved the most is...

Taking care of myself!

When I weighed in on Christmas Eve morning, I showed a 4 pound gain!! True, I had social engagements pretty much every day and evening of the entire week before Christmas but I did feel that I had navigated those pretty well. Such a large jump came as a shock~and I was really bummed! Thanks to Nancy, our meeting clerk, secretary, friend and confidante who said, "Don't let this throw you off!" I know she's been there, too. Now at lifetime, she still remembers these struggles. I kept hearing her words throughout the holiday and Nancy, I didn't let that 4 pounds throw me off! So, when I weighed in on Tuesday evening, I was 5.2 pounds down. A net loss of 1.2 pounds OVER CHRISTMAS!!!! I am so thankful for this program and for the leaders and supporters and fellow-members who help so much along the way! The first week I joined, my leader Kathy and Nancy sent me a postcard welcoming me and in big letters she wrote: YOU CAN DO THIS! She underlined the word can. There are so many times those words have come to my rescue, too! You know what? 2009 is going to be a very good year! I'm planning a lot of healthy changes for myself and it's good to know that there will be the cavalry(all you Lana supporters out there) to lean on when I need to...I hope 2009 is a very blessed year for all of you reading this blog(cuz most of you fall into that Lana supporter category, too!). Take the best of care and have a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Monday, December 29, 2008


I promise! Just not quite yet...Here are two more Christmas YouTubes that you can't live without until next holiday season. I'm sure of this. Trust me! So, take a few more minutes to enjoy the last hurrah of Christmas before we ring in the New Year:

This one's doggone adorable!

For the more politically and socially minded:

Thanks Lisa and Diane for calling my attention to these gems~Keep em'coming girls!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Path I Walk: Growth

Today at VPM we talked about growth: Luke 2:52 And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men. Good topic for this time of year. I don't know about you but I always get a bit reflective now heading into the New Year, looking back for signs of progress(growth), looking back at what I learned from my various encounters with life, and looking ahead to where I'd like to be by this time next year.Art VanWyhe spoke of growth in terms of who we look up to. Who are your heros? The consumate hero, of course, is Jesus, our example, and as He grew in wisdom and stature, He also grew in favor with God and men.Am I doing that? Are you? Art brought out several areas where we can take a look at the issue of growth. The first was growing in discernment(wisdom). How can we grow in this area? Art gave a few examples: read your Bible, follow the design that God/Christ has patterned for us, use the lessons from our circumstances to help us make good choices, be sensitive to the direct leadings of God, and get good input from other like-minded people. In the area of physical growth,Art highlighted that even if you are past all of your physical growth spurts, we can still look for ways to honor the temple God has given us by respectful behavior and good health habits. We can draw closer or grow spiritually by first desiring to be closer to God and by having the discipline daily to make time for scripture and prayer. Relationally, we can grow by fellowship with God and others. Specifically, spending time in life groups, in church, but also taking time to participate in the lives of those we live by, work with, or encounter in other venues along the path. Personally, I have been experiencing a growth spurt of sorts because of my healing process post-divorce, and the knowledge that I am approaching 50 has been a catalyst for changing some of the things in my life that have needed changing for a long time! I realize that all of those changes that I hope to make will not happen over night.At times I will grow faster, sometimes slower, and, yes, there will be halts along the way.Growth is a process.The most important point is to keep desiring growth at every stage of life. There's always room for improvement~it's the biggest room in the universe!
P.S. Thanks to A.J.Westendorp and Jordan DeJonge for sharing their very moving testimonies and incredible experience of this year playing football for the Holland Christian Maroons during their winning season and gaining the State Championship!I loved how you guys followed and depended upon God to take you through that glorious journey!Congratulations again on the honor you helped the Maroons to win with God's help. Blessings to you both in your future endeavors!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Baker~Wiedewitsch~Rogers~Glazek Family Christmas 2008

Here are the scenes of our family Christmas. It was an especially blessed one from my point of view. We have all drawn closer this year and have come to value our family more. Everyone contributed and participated. The boys helped me put up the outside lights. Tyler went with me to get the tree. Trevor put the lights on the tree. Jayden decorated it with my help and he helped string cranberries and helped glue the green and red paper chains.There are ornaments that my parents gave me before I left home on this tree. Tyler has his ornaments from 1985-Baby's first Christmas. There are some clay ornaments that Tyler and Trevor made when they were 5& 7 years old...and the 6 Crystal ornaments that I have always loved. The rest were plastic shatterproof ornaments that are Jayden and cat-proof.Just the fact that we actually had a REAL Christmas tree was a miracle in itself. The year the kittens were born, they knocked the tree over so many times that we just left it lying down with a big sign that read: DON'T ASK. The next year we put our gifts around a nativity scene but nobody liked that. Then we got the cheesy snow globe that was supposed to go in the yard but we put it inside and put our gifts around it. That worked for a couple years. Then Bryn tried catching the snowflakes-he bit a big hole in the thing and it blew those little fake snow pellets all over the house.This happened while we were gone somewhere and came home to a big mess!We unplugged it immediately and some cat who thought the remaining pellets were kitty litter peed on it! Needless to say, end of the snow globe! So, this tree really meant a lot to me. It was not our most elegant one down through the years. It's kind of homely and Charlie Brownish. But I loved it the most because everyone did something for it. When I look at that tree I see my family. Each special one. Unity. That really blessed my heart this year to walk into the house and see a symbol of our family and our love for one another. Our connectedness. I hope that each of you found similar sources of joy over your holidays! God Bless you and keep you and cause His face to shine your way! Peace!

Christmas Thought for December 25th

Thought for the day:
Hold up your head! You were not made for failure, you were made for victory; go forward with a joyful confidence in that result sooner or later, and the sooner or later depends mainly on yourself.
Weight Watcher's tip of the day:
Take time today to relax and reflect on the positive things in your life. May eating healthy be one of them.
Lana says:
Be grateful for all your many blessings today! Pray for those who are less fortunate and don't forget to pray for all the members of the American Armed Forces who are serving this country-especially those who cannot be home with their families over the holidays.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Thought for December 24th

Thought for the day:
Guard within yourself that treasure, kindness.
Weight Watcher's tip of the day:
Expect great things and you will receive great things (speaking of weight loss-not holiday gifts!)
Lana says:
Today, go out of your way to acknowledge a person who provides a service for you though the year. Give them a token of your esteem and some words of praise. No matter what sort of work you do, it always feels great to know that you are appreciated.

More Christmas Cool....

Just for you Josh Groban fans~speakers up for this one:

Entertain yourself with this cool puzzle~it's not hard, really! Have some fun:

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Thought for December 23rd

Thought for the day:
Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul. Dream deep, for every dream preceeds the goal.
Weight Watcher's tip for the day:
What emotions are you feeding when you overeat? How else can you handle them?
Lana says:
Listen to Christmas music all day today!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Thought for December 22nd

Thought for the day:
For every mountain, there's a miracle!
Weight Watcher's tip for the day:
Don't do it alone. Harness the power of the group by making time for your WW meeting this week (or read Lana's post, A Pound of Cure).
Lana says:
Do something today that you've been putting off ! Don't let procrastination rob you of your greatness!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Thought for December 21st

Thought for the day:
Some things have to be believed to be seen.
Weight Watcher's tip of the day:
Be flexible! Things don't always go as we planned, but that doesn't mean that they can't go well. Adapt!
Lana says:
Think of an older person you can visit, call, write a note, or send a card to today! Then do it~the universe rewards action, not just thinking!

Stevens~Bazon Wedding

Here are a few photos from the wedding of Alicia Stevens and Jesse Bazon. The entire event was sweet indeed! I would have gotten more photos but I felt that it was sort of tacky to take pictures during the ceremony so I restrained my impulses! The BOB was romantically lit, meaning it was really hard to get pictures in there, especially once the lights went down for dancing. Beautiful though and the food, music, and fellowship was exquisite! I loved seeing so many I knew! I still say that if the Stevens or Bazon families ever have an opening, I'd like in!! Save me a spot, will ya' guys? Enjoy the photos I did manage to get. Again, best wishes to the happy couple! They deserve every joy!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Thoughts for December 20th

Thought for the day:
There is nothing noble in being superior to someone else. The true nobility is in being superior to your previous self.
Weight Watcher's thought for the day:
Remember, you bite it, you write it! How will tracking your food help you over the weekend?
Lana says:
Open doors and hold them open for others today whenever you get the chance!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Thoughts for December 19th

Thought for the day:
Through faith, weak times become peak times.
Weight Watcher's tip of the day:
Were there any situations this week you could have used your journal to help work through a challenge?
Lana says:
Let others go ahead of you today whenever you are in line, waiting to be seated at a restaurant, or taking a turn at an intersection 4-way stop!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Cool Christmas Card

One of my relatives sent me this card. It's really beautiful. It's interactive~stay with it~take the time to enjoy the entire experience!

Enjoy this Christmas groove...

The stuff I find on YouTube never ceases to amaze me! This is a timeless, classic duet by two gifted artists~incredible what technology is capable of! Enjoy!

If you'd like to sing your own duet with Elvis, go to this link:

Christmas Thought for December 18th

Thought for the day:
The burdens that appear easiest to carry are those borne by others.
Weight Watcher's tip of the day:
How would facing holiday meals successfully make a difference to your weight loss?
Lana says:
Just listen to the people you come into contact with today~listening is such a gift!


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Thought for December 17th

Thought for the day:
Don't mind criticism if it's untrue, disregard it if it's unfair, keep from irritation; if it's ignorant, smile; if it's justified, learn from it!
Weight Watcher's tip for the day:
Practice saying "No thank-you" without guilt.
Lana says:
Make someone laugh today!

A Pound of Cure: Celebrate!

This is week 8 for me at WW. I lost 2.2 pounds for a total of 16.2. I also lost 3 1/2 inches overall. One inch lost on my upper arms, one inch off my waist, one inch off my hips, and half an inch off my thighs. I am still in the same size as last month BUT my clothes are getting baggy! The discussion focus for the meeting was on exercising more on the new Momentum program and on continuing to strategize for the holiday celebrations. Personally, I had to do a combination of things this week to stay on track. I saved my bonus points for the parties and get-togethers. I had something social Sunday night, Tuesday night, and Wednesday night. Saturday I have a wedding and reception to go to. I tried to exercise extra to gain some activity points I could use for additional food and drinks. I also gave up a couple events and picked what mattered most and chose to eat and drink very lightly at a couple of events. There are some things this holiday season I chose not to do or to do less of. Some tasks I delegated so I would have the time I needed to exercise and to attend my WW meeting. I was very bummed out last week at gaining a pound, but a friend pointed out to me that I was still losing at Thanksgiving while others were gaining. Another friend reminded me that I wouldn't be doing this well if I weren't in WW. Even if I gain a bit during the holidays-which I am going to try my hardest not to do-I will still be ahead of the game for at least trying to stay on program rather than having a food free-for-all! Normally, I gain about 5-7 pounds from Thanksgiving to the New Year! So, anything under that will be progress. If I manage to maintain that will be equal to losing! If I lose during this time...that's the most fantastic thing yet! So, no matter what, I'm better off than I was during this time last year! So, for me, I am reminding myself to persevere and not try to be too perfect. I need to go ahead and celebrate~using discretion and care~having a plan~leaving some allowance for a few special treats and eats this season. That's where it is really a lifestyle change that makes the most difference in the long-term. Our Weigh Watchers center has moved and this was the first week in our new location. I am also one ticket closer to winning that basket!!!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Thought for December 16th

Thought for the day:
A great man is he who has not lost the heart of a child.
Weight Watcher's tip of the day:
Accept what's not in your control...Also accept that mistakes happen. Weight loss is a matter of progress, not perfection.
Lana says:
Do something silly today!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Thought for December 15th

Thought for the day:
Nothing is impossible to a willing heart.
Weight Watcher's tip for the day:
What a great day for vegetable soup! Make dinner easy but healthy!
Lana says:
Give someone in your life a full and complete pardon today! Wipe the slate clean! Forgive an old grudge or set something right.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Path I Walk: Trust

Trust was the topic of the day at VPM. We looked at the way Mary trusted God when He chose her to be part of the means of bringing Jesus into this world to redeem mankind. Mary was a teenager at the time, a virgin, and engaged to Joseph. In Bible times, a woman who is found with child before marriage could be stoned to death. At the very least, she was shamed and shunned and ostracised by society. Joseph would have had the right, according to the laws and customs of the day, to be freed from his obligation to Mary. He could have walked away. As you read the scripture, a story unfolds of two people who are committed to living out God's will for their lives. They desire to please God. Even in the midst of very perplexing circumstances-this virgin birth-even with people's sneering and skepticism, Mary and Joseph chose to believe that God knew what He was doing and that He loved them. It was an unexpected turn, to be sure, but Mary and Joseph put their trust in God. A man shared his testimony during service about how he had a stroke which left him paralyzed on his left side and how, even though he has had to make adjustments in his life, he has learned to trust God in all things because he knows that God loves him and He knows what He's doing~He knows the road. God is in the driver's seat. He will not steer us wrong. We all experience things that call for trust in God. A job can be lost, disease can cause pain, families can become fragmented and estranged, marriages can fail, you could lose your possessions due to fire or some other tragedy or accident, you can lose your best friend, any number of circumstances could occur. Everyone has unexpected obstacles of one sort or another that pop up out of nowhere and catch us off-gurad. If we know for a fact that God loves us and that He knows what He's doing, trust is a natural respose to whatever curve balls we're thrown in life. Trust can move us from anxiety to adoration when we remember that God loves us and He knows what He's doing!

Christmas Thought for December 14th

Thought for the day:
Happiness is inward, and not outward; and so it does not depend on what we have, but on what we are.
Weight Watcher's tip for the day:
What holiday challenges would you like to handle successfully? Get tips at your WW meeting this week (or read Lana's blog!).
Lana says:
Do something nice for yourself today-and don't feel the least bit guilty about it either!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Critter Barn Nativity

Jayden and Granny took a road trip today to the Critter Barn for their live nativity. As you can see, there were many different critters hanging out here! There was a bull, a horse named Henry, a donkey named Roger, goats galore, bunnies to the roof, a room crammed with cats (17 is what we counted!), plus baby chicks and ducks, geese, chickens, and sheep. Every hour, there was a retelling of the Nativity Story about the birth of Jesus in a manger, surrounded by animals.I hope it wasn't SO SMELLY in the manger where Baby Jesus was born!! There was definately a strong scent of barnyard going on... They had cider and doughnuts for the kids, drawings for doorprizes, and memberships offered since Critter Barn is open year-round and there are always things going on.There are two barns to visit, plus outdoor pens. The second barn had a model of the expansion plans that Critter Barn has for the near future, a tractor, and Christmas tree to enjoy. This is a great place for kids and adults alike. Earthy odor and all~Jayden loved it!

Christmas Thought for December 13th

Thought for the day:
Self-Confidence cannot be taught-it must be caught~
Weight Watcher's tip for the day:
Speak up for yourself when dining out with others. Don't be afraid to order first and order wisely.
Lana says:
Make some kind of donation to a Christmas charity. It doesn't matter if it's money, time, food, clothing, a toy or whatever....It doesn't matter if it's a little or a lot. Give what you can and give from your heart today!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Running Toward 50: Coming in out of the cold!

I fell twice this week because of the snow and ice~and that was while wearing Yak Tracks! All those seemed to do was make me over-confident and now just plain paranoid! So, I decided that rather than be derailed all together, I'd find a good deal on a gym membership for the winter months. So that's what I did! I also have been experiencing some relief from my plantar fascitis. Rach, I think that extra calcium is doing the trick! Anyway, it felt like old home week going back into Family Fitness. I was a member there years ago when it was Lakeshore Athletic Club and then briefly when it switched over to Family Fitness. Some of my former trainers are still there fighting the good fight~contributing to the health and well-being of others. Kudos to them for their commitment and longevity. I am counting on them to kick my butt into shape again after all these years. I remember when going there had a very familyish feel to it. That feeling of belonging. Nice to revisit that! Another great aspect is that as soon as I hit 50, I can have a dual membership there for $15 more per month to use the facilities and classes at Evergreen Commons as well....and they have a pool! So, it is my hope that I can get some consistency going now finally. Not depending on the weather. Putting my foot issues behind me. I am going to start over on the 5K running program from and hope that I can accelerate it a bit since my first run is only about a month away at this point! I did have one really great day last week before I fell when I ran 4 miles without stopping so hopefully I can manage to be ready by January 17th. Should be a go...I'll keep you posted.

Christmas Thought for December 12th

Thought for the day:
It's better to do something imperfectly than to do nothing perfectly!
Weight Watcher's tip for the day:
Buy your fruit and vegetables already cleaned and ready to eat. It it helps you stay on plan, you're worth it!
Lana says:
Go out of your way to be helpful to others today!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Thought for December 11th

Thought for the day:
Learn from the mistakes made by others. You won't live long enough to make them all yourself!
Weight Watcher's tip of the day:
Feeling stressed out? Things not going as you planned? Work through stress by exercising more. (or....get a massage ! ; - o )
Lana Says:
Smile at every person you see today!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Pound of Cure: Hitting the wall!

I am just now beginning week 8 on Weight Watchers. Next week I'll have totals and inches lost to report~I hope! I did not have a loss this week for the first time since I started. I guess I should consider myself lucky that I still lost over Thanksgiving but to be perfectly honest, I was sorta bummed out today because I went up a pound. OK-it's just a pound. Could have been worse. I can tell you though that could feel myself not doing well this week. I forgot my journal a couple times and then had to sit down after the fact and try to remember what I had eaten. That doesn't work well! I had trouble getting in my water this week for some reason. My exercise was off too because of the snow and ice. Very dangerous for running! It just wasn't a stellar week. And it just goes to show you how important it is to do all those little things each week. They add up to a big measure of success. On the plus side, I still went to my meeting even though I felt pretty sure I was up a bit. I got right back up and started doing the things I goofed up last week. So, I know this coming week will be better. It's all about persistence and not perfection. When faced with a mountain I will not quit! A guy I knew from church was just acknowledged today for his 50-lb. loss. He had set a goal to lose 50 pounds by Christmas and hit that mark today, two weeks from Christmas! That inspires me to keep going and to set a goal for myself. I would like to reach my 10% goal before New Years. That gives me three weeks to lose 6 pounds. That's do-able I think! Today we all got to hear about the new program at WW called Momentum. If you want more details than that, you'll just have to join! Let me say this, it is even simpler than what's in place currently. Hard to believe, huh? I already thought the program was nearly perfect as it was but just goes to show you, there's always room for improvement! Well, here's to a better week. Keep moving forward!

Christmas Thought for December 10th

Thought of the day:
Form good habits. They're as hard to break as bad ones.
Weight Watcher's tip for the day:
How has your life changed for the better since joining Weight Watcher's? Keep that thought in mind throughout the holidays!
Lana Says:
Remember something nice that someone did for you and send them a hand-written Thank-you note!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Thought for December 9th

Thought for the day:
People who belittle people will be little people.
Weight Watcher's Tip of the day:
Having trouble getting up early to exercise? Try putting your alarm clock across the room so you have to get up to turn it off.
Lana Says:
Tell someone you love them today!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Thought for December 8th

Thought for the day:
What we hope to do with ease, we must first learn to do with diligence!
Weight Watcher's Tip for the day:
Busy doing for others this month? Make time for yourself and your Weight Watcher's meeting( or how about a massage?)
Lana Says:
Pay someone a well-deserved, heart-felt compliment today!

The sweet sound of Christmas add funny...

You'll need speakers for this one!

If you liked this...there's more Straight No Chaser on YouTube. All are fantastic! Enjoy!

Thanks again to you, Rach, for calling my attention to this~your taste is impeccable

Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Path I Walk: Silence

I had to fight with myself this morning to get out to church. I love VPM and I always get a lot out of the service BUT it was cold, brrrrr~ which means some shoveling and scraping and warming up the car first. Factor in that I woke up way early and did some stuff and then decided to lay back down for a cat nap-a real one, complete with cats! Of course, then I overslept and kept trying to tell myself that I wouldn't make it in time so I might as well stay home. I was 5 minutes late, which is early on VPM time, and I got so much out of being there that I'm so glad I pushed myself to go...It's way too early in the winter to be hibernating in the house. Besides, I have this newfound love of snow going on! Well, Steve did not disappoint this week either. We are starting a new series loosely based on Christmas music. Not the music itself but the themes that are repeated over and over in many of the songs. This week our theme was "A Song of Faith" and we talked about how even in silence, God is at work! Steve pointed out that there was a 400 year lapse between the final prophet of the Old Testament and the beginning of the New Testament, basically picking up where Zechariah and Elizabeth find out that they will have a son and they are to name him John. This is, of course, John the Baptist who declared the arrival of Jesus. The message began with Steve not going up to the stage right away after the last worship song. He waited. And there was silence...You could look around the church and see the discomfort that people were feeling with this pause. People were wondering, "Isn't he going to go up there and give the message?" Steve's point was that we all seem to fill our space and time with noise: the radio, TV, talking, activities. We don't handle silence very well. Here was a situation where it appeared that God had been silent for 400 years! Nothing significant seemingly happened for the children of God, the Israelites, during that time. Life went on, people married, had kids, died, the ups and downs of life continued. But no big word, act, or discernable presence from God. A lot of the Israelites became discouraged, forgot about God, went off into other forms of worship, got rebellious, disillusioned, and disconnected. In this time, Zechariah and Elizabeth, both righteous people by God's account, had been longing and waiting for a child. They were already old by the time Elizabeth became pregnant with John. So, during this time when Israel did not hear from God-God was silent-Elizabeth and Zechariah were experiencing silence in their own lives in the area of not being blessed with children as well. At this time, all their prayers of years past were answered in God's time and in His way. Steve reminded us to think of times when we felt God was silent and seemingly absent in our lives. He urged us to remember that even in silence, God is at work! There are situations like that in most of our lives even right now. Sometimes I wonder what God is doing about restoring my children or helping me become completely healed from my divorce experience or solving financial issues or helping me to know for sure what I should be doing and what direction to take in the future...Sometimes I wonder where He is! What's He doing? What's the plan? It was good to be reminded that God is hard at work in my life and my circumstances no matter what it looks like or feels like at the time. Be encouraged, God is busy working on our behalf! Silence really is golden.

Christmas Thought for December 7th

Thought for the day:
It costs nothing to buy a dream...and it's the best investment you can make!
Weight Watcher's Tip for the day:
You need not wait any longer for the gift of new information. Come to your WW meeting this week and see what's new for 2009! (Insider tip: there are some program changes coming-it's going to get exciting-don't miss out! )
Lana Says:
Do something kind for a complete stranger today!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

The many sides of Santa

Personally, I' m a big fan of the jolly old pudge~

There are plenty of commemorations to be found~

He has quite a wardrobe!
And many alias'-Father Christmas, St. Nick, Sinterclause...

He comes bearing gifts


Looking for cookies...

He's very complex. But wait...there's a side to Santa I bet you've never seen before! Click on the link below to see Santa bust a move:

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Today my training took me through some gorgeous winter scenes.I totally loved being out in the snow today.Taking it all in... Such a change from 12 years ago when I spent my first winter in Michigan! I thought the old saying, "When Hell freezes over",made a lot more sense after I learned that there really is a place in Michigan called Hell!I thought I had landed in the frozen tundra of the North! Today, I embrace my new winter blanket and appreciate all the beauty to behold on this spectacular canvas of white:

Christmas Thought for December 6th

Thought for the day:
Starting is half the battle!
Weight Watcher's Tip for the day:
What needs to happen to stay on track this weekend?
Can you do that? Will you do that?
Choose to be happy today!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas Thought for December 5th

Thought for the day:
Have faith in your faith...Doubt your doubts!
Weight Watchers Tip for the day:
Which of your holiday foods need a good makeover? Lighten them up with the etools recipe builder (oh, yeah, you have to join Weight Watchers to get that...did you know that you can join Weight Watcher's online? Better yet, join me at my meeting. C''ll be fun! Lets get slim together!)
Make today great!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas Thought for December 4th

I found a little spiral bound notebook of index cards in my basement this past weekend when I was decluttering. I had forgotten about this book I made a long time ago. Each page has a quote, saying, or a thought. Some are real gems~yummy nuggets of truth. I'm going to share one with you each day until Christmas along with the daily tip from my Weight Watcher's calendar. ENJOY!
Thought for the day:
When you think you have exhausted all possibilities remember haven't!
Weight Watcher's Tip:
Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.~Jim Ryan
What good habits are you practicing?
Have a blessed day, everyone!

Hey, There Massage Fans....

Check out the Body Perfections Website linked on the sidebar of this blog! We've come up with some stress-busting, recession blasting special deals on massage for the month of December, including a $5 off coupon to every person who gets a massage this month and this coupon can be used to purchase another massage within the next three months for $45.oo or you can purchase a gift certificate for a 1-hour massage for $45.00. What a great value! On Mondays in December, we will give you double stamps on your frequent client card, allowing you to earn a free massage twice as fast! On Tuesdays in December, we are offering an hour massage for the price of half an hour. Yes, that's right, an hour massage for $35.oo on Tuesdays! Massage is that one-size-fits-all, no-calorie, healthy addiction that will please even the toughest people to buy for on your Christmas list! Don't forget to be good to yourself as well~you deserve it!

Monday, December 1, 2008

A Pound of Cure: WW Boggle

Tonight we played a game at weight loss church. Working in teams, we took a few minutes to try and think of ways to make exercise more fun~move it or you won't lose it! So, we collectively brainstormed in our teams and then shared our lists, trying to think of things that the other groups had not thought of.

Ideas that came out of the game: Get a new exercise outfit, use music to motivate, do the activity with a friend, go dancing, jumprope, play hopscotch, take classes, use equipment such as a yoga ball, go rock climbing, kayaking, do martial arts, walk, run, swim, bike, hike. Play racquet ball. Do housework to music.Exercise while watching The Biggest Loser. The list goes on...
Gotta love Weight Watchers! We're involved in a little contest right now aimed at keeping people working on their weight loss goals over the holidays. We can earn tickets for our attendance at meetings and product purchases between now and Christmas. The prize is a fabulous gift basket with a neat denim Weight Watchers apron, a scale, some WW products, and a set of serving spoons. I hope I get lucky. I REALLY want that basket! We also got a great recipe to use over the holidays and a calendar for the month of December that has a thought or suggestion to help you on each day. The one for today: What will success on December 31st look like to you? Work toward that goal every day. Every week there's valuable information and discussion that helps me to stay focused. I am not alone on this journey. I have fellow-travelers that support me and understand. I had a great weigh-in considering the food orgy on Thanksgiving. I lost 2.2 pounds this week bringing my total to 15 pounds in 6 weeks. Must be the running. Nice! I am very thankful for these meetings. They have become a key element of my success. Statistically, people who stay for the meetings are much more successful at achieving their weight loss goals. My leader on Monday nights is Kathy and the receptionist/secretary is Nancy. Both of them have been in the trenches where I am now. They have both been successful on Weight Watchers. They have achieved the status of Lifetime members. They are both a great encouragment to me. They are my cheerleaders. It's a team effort.!

I get by with a little help from my friends. Next stop Onederland. Then straight ahead to my 10% goal. I anticipate hitting that milestone before the New Year.

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