Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Jayden's 2nd BD-PHASE III

Raise the banner high! Hooray, Hooray, it's our birthday today!

The third and final phase of Jayden's 2nd Birthday came about when his Paw-Paw came to town to celebrate his 60th birthday and to celebrate Jayden's special day with him!
New duds for the little dude...
Gramma Baker passes on her Canadian heritage to the next generation

For the future star athelete!

Jayden gets his first wheels

We held our family birthday party on October 7th. Jayden received many gifts from his family members, had cake and ice cream and went to the garden gazebo spot in Holland for pictures with Paw-Paw and Granny!

Monday, October 29, 2007


Love those wide open spaces


The second weekend after Jayden's birthday (9/18/2007), we took him to Crane's Orchard and Pie Pantry. If you are not familiar with Crane's, go to my sidebar, i likes it, i likes it a lot, and click on the links to both places. Believe it or not, I have lived in West MI for 11 years and had never gone to Crane's to pick apples or to eat at the restaurant. I did go there once a few years back for the haunted corn maze they put together every year. It was dark then and definately nothing like what I encountered this day....Crane's is an annual pilgrimage and tradition for many families in this area. From this year forward, it will be one of our family traditions as well!
Here's the hayride for tiny tots....Jayden's cow is named Peach Pit!

We visited with a delightful family from Holland who has a gorgeous daughter Tyler's age-named Emily-and her smart, talented and beautiful working dog who helps her with whatever she needs since she was paralyzed in a traffic accident a number of years ago. Emily is a graduate student working towards becoming a special education teacher. Emily attends Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo.
We had a fabulous lunch at the pie pantry.
Then down to the real business of the trip-picking apples!

Afterwards, we ended the day at Crane's by going on a stroll through the corn maze

Delightful! You can view Jayden's entire birthday album by clicking on the Picasa Web album link on the sidebar of this blog .

Monday, October 22, 2007

Adventures in Hunting

Major hunting action is always going on at animalhouse5060! This took place during Lewis' visit in October. Rest assured that there will be more to come over Thanksgiving holiday, Christmas, and into the new year.
Male bonding at its best...

The dirty work

Knocking them dead at the "alamo"

Dick Davis joins the entourage along with hunting buddies T-N-T!

Man's best friend...ducks worst enemy!

Lew, Trev, and Trent

Gunther, Trevor and the brothers Dekker

Honoring Coach Lont

Our family first met Tim Lont when Tyler was a freshman at Holland Christian High School. We got together between Tyler's 8th grade summer and the start of the school year to plan a strategy for helping Tyler have a successful year. Unfortunately, Tyler made other choices that year and went to Casa By The Sea in Baja California, Mexico for two years to do high school. Tim was very supportive of Tyler and our family from that point on.

A couple years later, Trevor, who had been playing rocket football since 3rd grade in Zeeland, decided to go to Holland Christian for his high school experience. Tim Lont was the head football coach and warmly welcomed Trevor to HCHS and to the varsity team. At that time, it was the first year that Holland Christian had enough players at the varsity level to have their own team. Prior to that, HC had been combining with Saugatuck. Being immediately made part of the team really gave Trevor a niche at HC. With Tim's support and encouragement, Trevor thrived there and played for the HC Maroons all four years. During good times and bad, Tim's friendship towards Trevor and our entire family never wavered. One particularly touching thing that Tim
instigated several years back was a Christmas gift from the team because Lewis had lost his job right before the holidays. During Trevor's senior year Trev hit a bump in the road by getting a DUI. Tim was right there to support Trevor and our family. The team also and the parents were great to us during this ordeal. Trev came out on the other side and graduated in 2006. Tim has stood strong for our family and for all the guys on team and their families for the entire time he has known us. Always a friend. Always someone you could call on and count on.
On October 12th, Lewis and I, Trevor and Courtney, and many of the alumni and their families came to honor Coach Lont on his last home game. Tim has decided to focus on family this coming year after many, many years of coaching. We have been very fortunate to have his attention and care for so long. I know this has come to us because of the generosity of Joyce and the Lont family who has graciously supported Tim during his long tenure as head coach and has sacrificed a lot of their time for our benefit. Many thanks to the entire Lont family-you rock our world!
God Bless you Tim as you shift your focus a bit. I'm sure that you will be showing up sometimes at practice...Football is your passion and I'm sure you will continue to pursue it at some level. I hope you will be blessed in your time with family as greatly as you were blessed by your years as a fine coach and as much as you blessed all of us!
1-2-3, H5H!
To see the entire Honoring Coach Lont web album, click on Lana's Web Albums on the sidebar of this blog or go to : http://picasaweb.google.com/baker.lana9

Lew turns the BIG 6-0 !!

On October 8, 2007, Lewis had his 60th birthday! He came to Michigan to celebrate with us and what a great time it was! We started celebrating on my graduation day, moved on to Jayden's birthday, went to Crane's, out for dinner and to see Jodie Foster's new movie Brave One-which was awesome, of course, because she was in it! We spent the next evening with friends, Dick and Virginia Davis, and then there was hunting and a football game at Holland Christian and a reunion with my friends from Spring Arbor. All-in-all a fast paced, fun-filled week. I'm sure Lewis had to rest up after all of that whirlwind of activity-especially at his age...right, Lew?? The upside is, we got the senior discounts at restaurants and at the movies. Always got to find that silver lining! And besides, 60 is only a number...you're only as old as you feell...hey, Lew, better drink your Mona Vie!Here's the
pictoral rendering:

Lana's Graduation

The hassle for the tassle is over!

A proud and happy family moment!

October 6, 2007, at the Free Methodist Church on the campus of Spring Arbor University, I had the privilege of walking my graduation ceremony for the Bachelor of Arts degree in Family Life Education.

Lana walks the red carpet!
My two sons, Tyler and Trevor were there with me, as was my ex-husband Lewis and my dear cohort classmates Mark Dennis, Sybil Cathey, Joyce Moore, and Dianne Adams.
I am so glad I decided to attend the ceremony! It was a meaningful celebration of completion and an opportunity to reflect back on all that has been accomplished.
Very encouraging as I work towards my Masters of Arts in Counseling from which I will graduate in May 2010!! It is important in the heat of the battle-while you are fighting in the trenches to get ahead- to remember a time when you accomplished what you set out to do, reached the goal, got the prize! Makes it a bit easier to press onward...the mantra being: KEEP MOVING FORWARD~

After the ceremony and a few pictures together, Tyler, Trevor, Lew and I went out to a fancy dinner at the Radison Hotel in Lansing.It was fabulous!

We resumed the celebration again at a reunion at the Leaf and Bean the following Friday night. Good times, good food, good friends!

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