Thursday, March 29, 2007

First Blog-Test Message-Anybody out there?

Hello, World! This is Lana Baker, a woman who is 47 years young and fully engaged in an experiment I call "my life"! My coach and mentor, Keith Ferrazzi,advised me to get out on the skinny limb and jump, without reservation, into the cyberspace void to share my thoughts, feelings, opinions, lessons,and the musings and rantings of human experience-of which I am a lifelong devotee.
Transition and change are the major themes of my life at this writing. Fairly common for those of us mid-course.My mamaw used to say that time is not tied to a stick. The older I get, the more I understand what she was trying to tell me. Nothing stays the same. Make a friend of change-it is inevitable. Resistance makes no sense. Go with the flow and enjoy (or at least make the most of ) what is going on NOW.
My rerouting opportunities as of late have included the transition from a marriage partnership that lasted 24 years to being a single person. The empty nest stage has also come upon me as my two sons, Tyler and Trevor, have now reached the ripe old ages of 22 and 19 respectively and they are rightfully exerting their autonomy-which I fully support! I became a "granny" on September 18, 2005 to Jayden Alexander Glazek. Of all the terms I have used to describe myself in the past, "granny" never seemed a likely choice.However, I find myself feeling rather pleased to have earned that distinction.I am also facing an ever-so-gradual transition in my career path. For the past ten years I have been in service to others through my profession as a Massage Therapist. This has been a fulfilling decade and I have been privileged to meet so many wonderful people in the process.Massage is a rather physical job and I can see that a change will need to occur in the future. I have been preparing myself for this shift by getting an education that is in alignment with my desire to be a life-long learner and teacher, mentor, coach and counselor to others who are sharing in the human drama.
While there is an amount of stress involved in such radical change, it has been empowering for me to see how much I am capable of doing on my own.I am gaining balance and knowledge about handling my finances and the finer points of home maintenance.I have figured out where to go when the car doesn't run and how to mow the lawn.I am standing on my own two feet.That feels wonderful! A lesson that may have served me better in my 20's before my choice to marry or have a family. Yet, I am grateful to be learning it now. Better late than not at all. Some of us are late bloomers. Strong finishers. Just getting a second wind...
Along with all these new experiences and firsts, here I am-going public on my own blog! Hey, just a couple days ago I didn't really know what the heck a blog was! When Keith said to create one, I freaked! What to do now? I didn't want Keith to think the S word about me(stupid) so I got busy and called my advisor, Aaron Schaap of Elevator-Up. He was gradcious enough to give me a hand getting started. Thanks, Aaron! Even though my set up is pretty simple, I am proud of taking this first, very important step forward. I am going to have fun tweaking it and making it my own. Thanks, Keith for the swift kick! I needed that to move out of the ranks of the technologically challenged to join the larger community "out there"! I would welcome any other first time bloggers to chime in about their beginnings or any veteran bloggers who have some feedback for me(I hope I haven't violated some blogger code of etiquette that I don't know about!) or mid-life transitioners that can commiserate, family ,friends, whoever...Let me hear from you! The fun begins...

Blessings to all,

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