Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Many Faces of Me

Bet you're wondering what the world is going on here...

What are these weird faces....

What do they mean?

Let's play a little game~I'll give you some clues...
The top photo is my Pilgrimage profile-YO!What do you guess I needed a paper plate face for-YO?! Some strange, cult Presbyterian thing-YO?! If you really wanna know-YO! To the next Pilgrimage you must go-YO!

The other two are pictures of my final project for art therapy class last weekend. The front view is the face I show the world. The back side is the real me...the inside me that the world does not see. Unless I choose to share with someone. Allow them a glimpse.
Can you guess all the symbols on my mask? What do you see outside? Inside?
If you can guess, I'll either be your best friend OR I'll marry you!
Not really~or maybe...

It's so interesting...we all wear masks of different types, for different occasions, around certain people, in certain places, at various ages and places in our lives. Just goes to show you that there's always more to everyone than meets the eye! It would be very enlightening to know how people really see us versus the way we see ourselves. Wonder what we could learn from that? What if we drop the mask? Would that set us free or cause pain?
Masks~not just for Halloween or the theater stage.
What kind of mask do you wear?
Any thoughts?

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